Tip: Ghosts, ghouls and Halloween pumpkins

Whether you’re carving a pumpkin this Halloween or just can’t resist the amazing displays of squashes in the shops, here’s how to make the most of your seasonal bounty.

Let’s start by thinking about what pairs well with pumpkin and squash as this can open up a world of ideas. Pumpkin and squash are friends with sage, blue cheese, nuts, chickpeas, lentils, bacon, red onion, coconut, spices, chicken, pork and apple. Just from looking at this list, you can see that they’re pretty versatile.

And now for some recipe ideas:


Pumpkin and sage soup topped with toasted pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin and bacon soup

Thai-style spiced coconut and squash noodle soup


Warm root veg salad

Roast spiced pumpkin with feta

Roast pumpkin with toasted hazelnuts blue cheese (gorgonzola, dolcelatte or something else soft)


Pumpkin or squash dhal

Pumpkin, chickpea and coconut curry

Pumpkin and cauliflower curry

Pumpkin, lentil and chickpea tagine with couscous

Roasts, bakes and stews

Roast chicken, with garlic and pumpkin wedges

Sausage, pumpkin and red onion tray bake

Pumpkin, sage, blue cheese and gnocchi tray bake

Chicken, sausage or pork, butter bean and pumpkin casserole

Creamy pumpkin gratin

Italian vibes

Pizza with squash puree, blue cheese and ‘nduja

Pizza with squash puree, blue cheese and ‘nduja (we had this at Bertha’s pizza and it was bloomin’ good



Squash and apple chutney


Danielle from Bishopston Supper Club does pumpkin caramel brownies which are often delivered to the Station Kitchen throughout the Autumn, but ask her nicely and she may bake a tray to order!


Pumpkin pie – it would be remiss of me not to mention this




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