I support you to transform mealtimes from stressful to stress-free.

I specialise in working with parents on the practical aspects of familySarah working with a client mealtimes. I will help you to support your fussy eater to develop a love of food or your child to eat a wider variety of foods, but also work with you on how the whole family can have fun at mealtimes and enjoy quality family time together whilst sharing food or cooking together. 

I combine this with teaching key skills around meal planning and reducing food waste to help you feel more organised and in control in the kitchen, making best use of your time, energy and ingredients. Whilst my cookery sessions build confidence and my recipes provide inspiration, helping you answer that age old question of ‘what’s for dinner?’!

My courses

I offer a range of courses and resources to help you transform your mealtimes. You’ll also find a supportive community in my Stress-free family mealtimes Facebook group where I share lots of tips and tricks as well as meal ideas.

Whilst I’m Bristol-based, my online courses mean that you can work me from further afield.

If you would like to gift a session to a loved one, please contact me to arrange a gift voucher. 

How to feed your fussy eater

Create healthier, happier, stress-free family mealtimes.A loving pancake and fruit

I’ll help you support your fussy eater to develop their love of food, increasing the number and variety of foods they’ll eat and allowing you to start preparing meals the whole family will enjoy.

Meal planning and reducing food waste

No more being stuck in a rut or throwing money in the bin.All roads lead to meal planning

I will work with you to get organised, reduce your food waste, save money on your food bills, be more efficient in the kitchen and make the most of the ingredients you buy. 

Cookery skills sessions

Have fun in the kitchen, leaving the stress at the door.PTFA Cookalong

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, just need to build your confidence in the kitchen or enjoy cooking and are looking for some tips to level up your skills and knowledge, my cookery skills sessions and cookalongs are ideal.

Sarah’s suggested meal plans were so helpful. It made it so easy to see how and when I can prepare extra for the freezer or how we can use the same ingredients to prepare different dishes. I had never thought about putting a tray bake in the oven ready for me to eat once the children were in bed. The days when I come home late from work and just eat toast are behind me!

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