The Parrots Eat ’em All

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

The Parrots Eat 'em All Book cover

I’m very excited to share this lockdown project with you. Together with my good friend Jane McDowell, I have written a mini cookbook.

Jane specialises in drug-free pain relief. She’s a reflexologist but works holistically with her patients, looking at sleep, lifestyle and diet amongst other things.

She recommends to her clients that they include naturally occurring anti-inflammatory ingredients into their diet, since what they eat can have a huge impact on how they feel and the amount of pain they experience. But the question that came up again and again was how to do that.

And so, the idea for a recipe book was born. Jane approached me and asked if I would work with her to develop some every day, easy recipes that anyone can cook with minimal effort, equipment and ingredients, that will encourage people to eat anti-inflammatory ingredients in every meal, snack and drink.

The Parrots Eat ’em All: Every day recipes for natural pain relief is available to buy directly from Jane and myself (if you’re local to us in Bristol) or through Amazon (paid link).

If you’re interested in healing your body from the inside out or would be curious to learn more, this book is a must!

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