My week in meals – w/c 21/10/18

With a big shop needed to replenish the store cupboard, it was a case of working with bits and pieces to use up what was left. I like the inventiveness and creativity that this requires and find that curries and stir fries generally lend themselves well to this kind of cooking.

The highlight of the week was the pakoras. I don’t often fry at home but had a craving for freshly made pakoras, homemade ones are so much better and less greasy than you get from the takeaway.

Day Notes Meal
Sunday Family mealtime Beef chow mein using up bits and pieces of veg
Monday Veggie night Shakshuka, Turkish cheese and flatbread
Tuesday Fish night Spiced roast cod with coconut curry sauce with rice, spinach and green beans



Wednesday Veggie night Leftover veg (carrot, parsnip, cavalo nero and red onion) pakoras with cauliflower and chickpea curry, chutneys, salad, naan

Curry from the freezer



Thursday Singapore-style noodles with roast pork

Roast pork from the freezer

Friday Korean fried chicken, Gochujang sauce, satay slaw, fries
Saturday Family mealtime

Batch cook

Gammon with jackets, carrots, peas and sweetcorn and parsley sauce

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