Recipe of the week: Family mealtime winners

Family mealtime ideas
This week, I’ve got three of my family’s mealtime winners for you.
The ultimate in make it your own meals to suit even the fussiest of eaters whilst allowing the most adventurous go to town with flavour and texture. It’s also the perfect use it up/fridge forage meal.
A really inviting dish which is easy to pull together. The rice and chicken are relatively plain so as not to scare anyone away and yet, jazz it up with all the little extras, and the dish becomes really exciting. 
Chicken dippers, nuggets or goujons, whatever you want to call them are a hit with many children. These delicately spiced dippers start to push their boundaries and introduce new flavours. Great fun to make with your children too. They don’t have to be made with chicken – pork, fish, halloumi, tofu are all possibilities or you could even experiment with some vegetable sticks.  

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