My fussy eaters are learning to like food

Fussy eating, learning to like food, squid tentacle
In our house, we don’t say that we don’t like a food, rather that we’re learning to like it. Just like we’re learning to tie our shoelaces, to tell the time or pick up a new language.

We can’t do these things yet, just as we don’t like a certain food yet.
So, how can we help our children (and ourselves – it’s never too late) to learn to like a new food?

One way, is to remember that just because our children refuse to try a food once or twice, doesn’t mean we should stop offering them that food. We need to continue exposing them, regularly, to the food and demonstrating to them how much we enjoy eating it or that we too are trying it to see if it’s just an acquired taste. Sharing the journey, showing your own vulnerability and experiencing new foods together is going to work wonders with your children. 

There may eventually come a time when it is clear that they genuinely don’t like a food but until then, persevere!

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