Preparing for isolation: Tip #4

When we’re stuck at home more than usual, potentially feeling bored, worried, stressed and we’re likely to reach for food more often than we need.

To make your food last longer and see you through, plan a meal and snack routine. A food schedule is particularly important for young children, especially if you’re feeding a fussy eater.

Try and use your routine to get a variety of foods into you.

But don’t use your routine as an excuse to eat if you’re not hungry. Listen to your body and pick up on its hunger cues. Think you’re hungry but not long since eaten? Try having a glass of water and then reassess later.

Laura Clark Nutrition has more about this from a nutrition perspective over on her Instagram feed. Do check it out for more tips.

If you need help working out what to make with what you’ve got, get in touch!

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