Cook book review: I Love Curry

I bought a big bag of fat juicy prawns the other day and, as I was doing my meal plan for last week, I was pondering over how best to cook them. We haven’t had prawns for a while as they are usually quite expensive, and so my mind was drawn to a couple of old favourite recipes. The first is a prawn pilaf and the other, which we’ll be having on fish night next week, is a North Indian-spiced prawn curry from I Love Curry by Anjum Anand.

I first reviewed I Love Curry back in 2010 when I said that it was a book that I’d be turning to time and time again and well, here we are in 2018 and it is still my go-to curry recipe book and the one I recommend to my clients who would like the confidence to be able to cook more curries.

I know the recipes work and are easy to follow, I know there are plenty of quick and easy ideas for a mid-week curry fix, I know there are recipes which don’t require masses of spices and other ingredients and I know, most importantly, the meals are going to taste good.

You can read my original review here: A modern day Madhur Jaffrey?

You might also be interested in A curry to start the week, End of the week (almost!) curry and Yummy leftovers. I told you I was a fan of this book!

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