Reality check – what my children eat

Each Sunday, I post my meal plan from the week just gone to inspire you for the coming week and also to show you that it is possible to eat the meals you like to eat with your family; that you can be adventurous and you can experiment with new dishes.  
I sometimes receive comments saying there’s no way my children would eat that or I can’t prepare that for my family, there’ll be so much waste because there’s only me who’d eat it. So, it’s time for a reality check!
My children don’t eat everything I serve either. There are days when neither of them will eat more than a few mouthfuls. There are days when A will devour most of a meal and H won’t touch it, other days when H will tuck in but A just picks at her food. 
I can’t please everyone every day and I don’t try to! That’s just too much pressure. I make sure that, throughout the week, there’s a meal which favours A, another that favours H, one my husband will enjoy, one we all like and the rest is pot luck. 
All I aim to do is offer a variety of foods, ensure there’s something familiar and something new all the time, and serve the food that I want to cook and eat.

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