Are you planning your meals around what a fussy toddler will eat?

“The best thing is we’re eating so much better now we’re not planning our meals around what a fussy toddler will eat.” These are the words of one of my How to feed your fussy eater clients. 

What many parents of fussy eaters don’t realise, until we start working together to tackle their child’s eating, is just how restrictive their own diets have become. Their child’s narrow diet dictates the food they serve themselves and they’re miserable about that.

One of the ways to help fussy eaters develop a positive relationship with food, to explore new tastes and textures, is to expose them to a wide variety of foods regularly. If they don’t know about them, they can’t learn to like them!

But, in the moment, we don’t think like that. We just want our child to eat. It’s heartbreaking and very worrying to see a child refuse to eat for three days in a row so we feed them what we know they’ll eat. And, because they’ve finally eaten, we continue to feed them just what we know they’ll eat, as we’re too scared to have them refuse a meal. We’re exhausted and don’t want to cook separate meals so we, too, eat just the foods our child is happy to munch on. 

When working with you, I’ll show you:

– How to put yourself first at mealtimes

– How to make feeding the family the same meal easier

– How to eat the meals that you want to eat whilst ensuring your fussy eater will have a full belly

– How you can all eat more healthily

– That mealtimes can be enjoyable.

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