Preparing for isolation: Tip #10

So it seems many of you have taken on board the meal and snack routine I suggested last week but you’re stuck for healthy snack ideas.

Here on my website, you’ll find recipes for nutty date bars, my version of a Nakd bar, as well as banana muffins which use up overripe bananas or bananas from the freezer.

If you fancy something savoury, there’s a recipe for cheese and veg muffins on my website too. Prepared and baked in just 30 minutes and they freeze well.

How about a simple apple with peanut butter or some houmous and veg sticks?

If something a bit more picky is your thing then how about making up a trail mix using your favourite nuts, seeds and dried fruits. If you need to make it nut free, substitute them with Shreddies, mini Shredded Wheat or even Cheerios.

If you’re struggling with your meal planning and working out what to eat with what you’ve got available, drop me a line.

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