Cook book review: A selection of helpful books for store cupboard and budget cooking

For this month’s cookbook review, I thought that a roundup of books which I find helpful when store cupboard and budget cooking would be useful. The list is by no means exhaustive but, I hope, a good starting point with excellent sources of inspiration if you’re needing a nudge in the right direction.

Pulse by Jenny Chandler. All the help you need for buying, preparing, cooking and storing pulses including plenty of flavourful recipes.

The Dal Cookbook by Krishna Dutter. Lentils are cheap to produce and buy, they’re highly nutritious, easy to cook and are extremely versatile.

Tin Can Cook and Cooking on a Bootstrap. Two for one here! Jack Monroe turns canned and dried foods into gourmet meals as well as showing us that there’s no reason why we can’t eat well even with limited resources.

The Art of the Larder by Claire Thompson. 150 recipes, with influences from all around the world, all using store cupboard ingredients, combined with a few fresh.

River Cottage Veg Every Day. Can’t get store cupboard ingredients? Head to your local greengrocer, stock up on fresh veg then turn to this book for inspiration!

Elly Pear’s Let’s Eat. Recipes for batch cooking, with ideas on how to use your base dish in a variety of ways, meals you can freeze as well as quick and easy dishes.

Cook Slow by Dean Edwards. It’s time to dust off your slow cooker and let it do the work whilst you juggle home teaching, work, housework and staying sane!

Leon Happy Soups. Soups make for great lunches, quick meals and are perfect for using up bits and pieces. If you’re running low on ideas, Leon, the people behind the food chain, have pulled together a collection of cheery, comforting, nourishing soups.

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