Preparing for isolation: Tip #7

I’m a big fan of leftovers – in fact, they’re usually even better than the original dish and a range of leftover bits and bobs make for the best work from home and packed lunches.

Embrace the leftovers! Heck, cook extra of things just so you can have leftovers!

Extra roast veg, a bit of chicken or some halloumi, some batch cooked lentils, some houmous and a dressing make for a fabulous salad bowl.

Leftover curry can be turned into soup.

Leftover chilli can be eaten with jacket potatoes, turned into burritos, nachos or even a Mexican lasagne using wraps instead of lasagne sheets.

All sorts of veg, potatoes or pasta and cheese can be turned into a frittata.

Use it up slaw makes use of any crunchy veg that needs eating. There may be a travel ban in place but you can still travel the world with your dressing choices!

I say it a lot, but use your imagination and there are plenty of things you can make with leftovers. On the odd occasion they may not work, but hey, better luck next time!

If you need some more inspiration, check out the Using leftovers highlight in my Instagram profile or tell me what you’ve got to use up and I’ll give you some ideas!

If you’re struggling with your meal planning and working out what to eat with what you’ve got available, drop me a line.

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