My week in meals – w/c 15/03/20

With everything that was going on this week and the stress we’re all under, I allowed the children to decide what they wanted to eat a few times this week. Food is love and the foods they enjoy brings them happiness – this week I wanted my children to be happy and eat well, not fight over whether or not they’ll eat. With us all being at home next week, there’ll be plenty of opportunity for shared meal planning and shared meals so I’m not feeling guilty about taking the easy option this week.



Adult meal

Children’s meal


Family mealtime

Roast chicken, salad and slaw wraps



Veggie night

Miso mushroom, broccoli and edamame stir fry with rice

H: Egg and veg fried rice

A: Ate at nursery



Keema, carrots, cauliflower and chickpea curry, chapattis

Cauliflower and chickpea curry from the freezer

Beans on toast


Veggie night

Bean burgers, curry mayo, salad, spiced sweet potato fries

Fish fingers, vegetables and potatoes


Fish night

Tuna and bean salad with broccoli, egg and roasted baby potatoes

Picnic tea



Pork schnitzel, potato salad, green and haricot bean salad and salad

H: Same as us

A: Ate at nursery


Family mealtime

Baked chicken and black bean rice with red onion, avocado, lime and shredded red cabbage



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