Tried and tested: The perfect Singapore noodles

My husband always orders Singapore noodles if we have a Chinese takeaway or eat at a Chinese restaurant. Whilst not my dish of choice, I tuck into a spoonful or two of his; there’s something so satisfying about this noodle dish that makes it irresistible. It has a good mix of softness from the egg, crunchy, colourful vegetables, spice from the curry powder and chilli and a pleasant slurp of noodle.

I’m a big fan of the Felicity Cloake ‘How to cook the perfect…’ column and recipes in the Guardian. Each week, she goes on a mission to discover the perfect dish. She breaks down the chosen meal into its component parts, looking at cooking methods, ingredients and timings, putting in hours of research and testing different recipes before documenting her perfect version. The column is a fascinating read, and generally I find the recipes really are perfect.

It’s not often I’ll follow a recipe closely, but this one for Singapore noodles I feel little inclination to alter. I tend to use closer to 150g of rice noodles rather than her 125g, I prefer a red chilli to her green and I like to finish with a squeeze of lime as well as coriander but that’s just being picky. It is a perfect recipe.

So, in contrast to my usual tried and tested columns, I don’t have my tweaked and honed recipe to share with you as the work has already been done by Felicity. Do give it a go, I’m pretty certain you can have it on the table quicker than a takeaway and it’ll be far better than any you order.

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