My week in meals – w/c 16/12/18

It wouldn’t be my choice to have home made dippers one weekend and fish fingers the next but when my son puts in requests for meals, I make sure he gets them as soon as possible. In overcoming his picky eating, it is good for him to have some control, from time to time, over what we eat as a family. Acting on his requests also encourages him to do it more often and if he asks for something I generally know he’s going to eat it. With Christmas week approaching, there’s going to be plenty of food which is out of his comfort zone so it is good to give him plenty of what he likes before and after.

Day Notes Meal
Sunday Family mealtime Roast dinner
Monday Christmas party night out
Tuesday Chipotle turkey burgers with potato and sweet potato oven fries



Wednesday Asian braised brisket, rice and stir fry vegetables



Thursday Veggie night Speedy and easy black bean, sweetcorn and red pepper chimichangas
Friday Turkey, chickpea, lentil and spinach curry with rice

Curry from the freezer

Saturday Family mealtime Home made fish fingers with oven chips, peas and sweetcorn

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