My partner doesn’t think we need help

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I had a mum come to me for support recently because she was struggling to cope with her child’s fussy eating. She shared with me that her partner didn’t think they needed help and wasn’t on board with seeking advice. It’s not that bad, surely we can sit it out?
The trouble is, the mum was dealing with the fussy eating on a daily basis, whilst her partner only saw it at the weekends. For her, the issue was unbearable and relentless.  
This mum was brave. She recognised what she needed to support herself and she went for it. We worked together for a few weeks and were quickly celebrating the mealtime successes. 
Her partner soon saw the difference it made not only in their child’s eating but in her – she was calm and he came home to see her happy instead of in tears. He even asked, why they didn’t get help sooner?!
You don’t have to sit it out or do it alone, come and talk to me about my How to feed your fussy eater courses.

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