Stop food waste day

Fruit and veg waste
Today, in the UK, is Stop Food Waste Day.
The idea behind marking this day is to encourage all of us to make some changes to combat the massive global problem that is food waste. It’s about drawing more attention to and educating us about the issue as well as sharing practical and achievable ways to think outside the food waste bin.
And with 70% of all food waste being generated in our homes, it’s important that we all make some small and realistic changes over time, changes which fit with our lifestyles and our families. All these tweaks mount up to collectively make a big difference.
Here are five simple things we can be doing:
1.    Look at how you’re storing food
By storing food in the right way, it’ll last longer. Herbs, bagged salad leaves and green beans will last much longer if you wrap them in a damp tea towel or kitchen roll and store in an airtight container or a bag in the fridge
Carrots and parsnips can quickly go black and floppy but will last much longer if stored covered in cold water in a box in the fridge.
2.    Freeze and buy frozen
If you can’t use something, freeze it as soon as possible. Buying frozen can also help reduce waste because you can usually just get out what you need.
My motto is, if it’s going to go to waste anyway, try freezing it. You’ve got nothing to lose.
3.    Use the whole ingredient
Let’s make an effort to make the most of the whole ingredient before it heads to the food waste bin. From squeezed lemons to herb stalks, parmesan rinds, vegetable peelings to the last scrapings in a jar, there are many ways to put them to good use. 
4.    Use up what you’ve got
Make a plan to use the ingredients in your fridge before you go shopping or to use them up with whatever you buy in your next shop. Get creative to use up all those bits and pieces lurking in the veg drawer. And if you can’t I refer you to point 2 – freeze it!
5.    Meal planning
One of the best ways to help you reduce your food waste is to meal plan.
Meal planning allows you to think about what you’ve got that needs using up and make a plan for eating it as well how to use up the new ingredients you’re going to buy.
You can also consider how much you need to allow you to buy and prepare the right amount.
To read more about my Stop Food Waste Day tips, head on over to the Women Who Do website to read my guest blog post

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