Tried and tested: Roast butternut miso ramen

Roast butternut miso ramen

Sometimes a new recipe draws me in purely based on the photograph and this was one of those dishes. No one in our house is a fan of butternut squash but the dish, which I spotted on the MOB Kitchen Instagram feed, was drool worthy.

Knowing there was a big risk that not one of us would enjoy it, I added it to the meal plan anyway. I ask my children to try new things all the time and they’re constantly out of their comfort zone at mealtimes so it’s only fait that my husband and I demonstrate that we have to do that too sometimes.

And so, A and I set to work preparing dinner, which whilst it has a fair few elements to it, is not at all complicated and doesn’t involve a tonne of ingredients. Big plus!

I followed the recipe, adapting it only slightly to include local seasonal veg, veg I had as well as veg that I know my children will eat.

To my surprise, it was met with lots of mmmms and an “I like this, can we have it again?”. H even bagsied the leftovers for his lunch the next day! Blitzing the butternut squash and turning this into the soup was an excellent way to get us eating a vegetable we wouldn’t normally eat.

So, a surprising success and a dish which will be back on the meal plan soon! I urge you to try something new and put this recipe on your meal plan soon.

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