E is for Exposure

A to Z family mealtimes E

Children need to become familiar with foods to be comfortable eating them. 

With many foods, children don’t know what to expect and this can be scary. They don’t have as many experiences to draw on as we do as adults. Unlike us, they can’t see something and think that smells, looks or has the texture of something else they’ve tried and feel confident to eat it.

The more you can expose your child to different foods the better. And this can simply be that they continually make an appearance on the table, see you enjoying them, play with them outside of mealtimes, read about them in books, help you grow or shop for them or help you prepare them.

They may choose not eat them right now but to be continually exposed to them helps your child learn that they are safe and it’s ok to try them. Have patience and persevere and a time will come when they decide to explore these foods further. 

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