Fussy eater masterclass

Fussy eating masterclass

One of the resources I offer parents is a fussy eater masterclass, which I host a few times a year.

Having children of my own, I know it can feel like an impossibility to get them to bed on time to be able to commit to an event at a set time in the evening…and I also know that you probably just want to put your feet up and watch Netflix, not me!!

If you have a fussy eater, how to manage mealtimes and concerns around what they are or aren’t eating is something that is always on your mind not just on a particular night several times a year when I choose to host a masterclass.

And so, I’m pleased to be able to now offer my fussy eater masterclass as a video, available on my website to access at any time that suits you. 

In the masterclass, I talk about how you can transform mealtimes from stressful to stress-free and help your fussy eater find a love of food. I explain what causes the fussy eating behaviour as well as some of the changes you can make to instil a positive relationship with food in your child, support your child to eat a wider variety of foods and start creating healthier, happier, stress-free family mealtimes.

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