Are you coming to my cookalong on Saturday?

Cookalong Nov20

When we were in lockdown earlier this year, I quite quickly found my joy for being in the kitchen dwindling. So, I started cooking with my children more because we had all that time to fill and it was really good fun being in the kitchen together without any time pressures. Fun cooking activities throughout the day led to dinner reaching the table easily.

But I wasn’t the only one fed up of cooking solo and, whilst we often think about eating being a sociable affair, cooking can also be a great time to get together. And so, my cookalongs were born. They are a really social way of cooking, as we chop and chat!

My next cookalong is this Saturday at 4pm. Come and join me if you’d like some company in the kitchen. And, perhaps your budding young chef would also like to get their hands messy?

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