My star ingredient: Lentils

Store cupboard pulses

Lentils are a true store cupboard hero. They’re highly nutritious, cheap, readily available, often cook quickly and they are super versatile. There’s a lentil recipe for pretty much every cuisine of the world.

From curries to soups, stews to salads, these small and mighty pulses can so often be the star of the show. I’m a sucker for a dhal, enjoy spiced red lentil soup, love sausages with lentils, throw handfuls of lentils into my veggie Bolognese and chilli, regularly eat a warm root veg salad with lentils and halloumi and will devour a curry with yellow spit peas

Production of lentils is sustainable too, needing less water to cultivate than many crops as well as releasing a natural fertiliser into the soil.

Stock up your store cupboard with the humble lentil and you’ve always got a quick and easy meal at your fingertips.

What are your favourite lentil dishes?

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