How can meal planning help you with your fussy eater?

Roast chicken
I truly believe that meal planning can help EVERYONE but, parents of fussy eaters, it’s an essential tool for you to have in your armoury.
Meal planning means:
  • you’re not scratching your head for ideas at mealtimes when your children are hungry and heading towards hangry, plus you won’t be tempted to serve beans on toast for the fourth night in a row, head to the Deliveroo app on your phone or resort to a bowl of cereal
  • you know what you’re cooking each day and you can remain calm in the kitchen as well as at the table – being stressed, anxious and snappy at mealtimes is only going to put your fussy eater off even more
  • you can spend your time focussed on preparing a meal or snack with your child, helping them to explore food away from the table and enjoying a fun activity together
  • you are prepared to offer a wide range of foods at every meal and snack, increasing their familiarity with ingredients which in turns leads to them eating a wider variety of foods
  • you can work out how to incorporate your child’s safe foods (the foods they are comfortable and happy eating) into your meals rather than offering them an alternative
  • you are eating better, no longer restricting your diet to what you know your child will eat, which means you’re healthier, happier and less stressed.

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