I don’t do meal preparation

Sarah Alder Kitchen Titbits
When I talk to people about what I do, the response is often “Great, so could you make me some meals for next week?” To which my answer is a very polite “No, that’s not what I do.”
What I do is teach about meal planning; how to go get started, how to make it quicker and easier, how to make it fit with your lifestyle, how to use it to reduce your mealtime stress, to make your food (and your money) go further and to reduce your food waste. 
I can also provide you with ample inspiration and access to recipes to use in your meal plans.
I create meal plans that you can buy if you know that meal planning is something you ought to do but haven’t yet managed to put into place, if you simply have no inclination to do so or you fancy a break and someone to do it for you for a week.
I also offer a bespoke meal planning service. 
But I don’t do meal preparation. I don’t cook the meals for you. Sorry! 

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