Cook book review: Eating for Pleasure, People and Planet

My cookbook recommendation this month is Eating for Pleasure, People and Planet.

It a book by Tom Hunt, known as an eco-chef, for being a climate change campaigner and a cookery writer. His book was released during lockdown, though he has been writing columns for the Guardian for several years.

Eating for Pleasure, People and Planet is a thought provoking book to sit and read but there are also some delicious and extremely colourful recipes to cook and it is packed with really useful tips. I particularly like the diagrams to help you choose sustainable produce and eat the seasons, to perfect your porridge, make more of your soups and create the most nourishing bowl food.

Whilst there are recipes for meat and fish in the book, the focus is very much on grains, pulses and vegetables. It would be a great investment for anyone who gets a veg box and is after new ideas and inspiration as well as for help with recipes to use up some of the more obscure vegetables that often come your way.

Tom talks about his root to fruit manifesto; a way of eating which prioritises the environment without sacrificing any pleasure from cooking and eating. It has three core principles; eat for pleasure, eat whole foods and eat the best food you can.

I love this book, it speaks to my wish to eat well, on a budget, seasonally and with as little waste as possible. I’d also recommend following Tom on Instagram where he regularly shares how to videos.

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