My week in meals – w/c 22/12/19

Meal plan

This week has been all about sharing Christmas food with family. There were fewer leftovers than I was anticipating but enough to make a pie (it isn’t Christmas without one!) and some bubble and squeak cakes for breakfast.

Day Notes Meal
Sunday Family mealtime Pastitsio and gigantes
Monday Family mealtime Lasagne and salad
Tuesday Family mealtime

Batch cook

Gammon, potato and celeriac dauphinoise, roast pointed cabbage, green beans, peas and tenderstem broccoli
Wednesday Family mealtime

Batch cook

Christmas dinner: roast turkey, nut roast, roast potatoes, marmite sprouts, maple syrup carrots, roast parsnip and celeriac, caulbrocci cheese, gravy, stuffing, pigs in blankets
Thursday Family mealtime Baked mustard salmon, chips, mangetout, salad
Friday Family mealtime Turkey and gammon pie with carrots, peas and leftover veg
Saturday Family mealtime Veggie chilli burritos

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