Cook book review: Fish: the complete fish and seafood companion

Do you have a set few go-to cookery books? Ones you’re regularly referring to for recipes, inspiration and information? Ones which would be in your top 10 cook books to take to your desert island?

Fish by Mitch Tonks is one of mine. A reference guide and recipe book with information on fishing, sustainability, alternative names, notes on taste, texture, territory and seasonality as well as what to accompany different fish with. Handy tips, tricks and photographs feature alongside the recipes – what to ask the fishmonger, how to make life easy for yourself in the kitchen, how to prepare the fish and what to look out for when buying. And, if ever I’m asked to recommend a fish cook book, this is always the first on my list.

The book is brimming with delicious fish and seafood recipes which are a joy to cook and eat. The simplicity of the recipes, quite rightly, allow the fish to be the star of the show: we are instructed to either simply grill, fry, bake or poach the fish and serve it with a tasty accompaniment or treat it delicately with herbs and spices.

Why not start by cooking my three favourite recipes from the book?

Grilled salmon with spiced new potato salad (this potato salad BTW goes well not only with fish but also with meat and vegetables)

Hake with green sauce and clams (featured here with cod instead of hake and shrimps instead of clams proving the recipes are adaptable!)

Bream with roast garlic, chilli and rosemary, cooked en papillote (in a greaseproof paper bag)

There’s no need to be scared of cooking fish and with this book by your side, you can cook some new dishes with confidence.

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