Tried and tested: Big boy bhaji burger

How good does this look?!

I like finding interesting veggie burger options and I don’t always want one which is made with pulses. This bhaji burger ticks all the right boxes – indulgent, packed with flavour, pretty simple to make and on the table quickly.

You might be concerned that it’s a bhaji and so deep frying is involved, but these bhajis are patty shaped and can be cooked in a small amount of oil in a frying pan. Another big tick!

Bhaji burgers

I haven’t played with the recipe except for subbing natural yoghurt for the coconut yoghurt, as that is what I usually have in the fridge.

I was also recently inspired by this recipe to use up some spiced roast cauliflower, turning it into a burger with some chickpeas to bind and layering it up in the bun with a bhaji. Ooomph! I’m thinking maybe a tandoori chicken burger topped with a bhaji next, or maybe a spiced lamb burger (think keema with a side of bhajis!). Is it dinner time yet?!

Spiced roast cauliflower burger with onion bhaji

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