My week in meals – w/c 17/03/19

At the request of my son, I made orange fish fingers for family mealtime on Sunday. Orange because then they’d be like the ones from the shops. A not altogether successful experiment – they turned out more randomly speckled orange – but they were still gobbled up without complaint!

Day Notes Meal
Sunday Family mealtime Home made orange fish fingers, oven chips, carrots, peas and sweetcorn
Monday Batch cook Lamb tagine with couscous and roasted veg

Recipe coming soon!

Tuesday Veggie night Green beans (flageolet beans and cavalo nero), roasted tomatoes and halloumi on sourdough toast
Wednesday Mediterranean vegetable and chicken tray bake
Thursday Veggie night

Dining solo

Veggie Bolognese with polenta

Bolognese from the freezer

Friday Brisket stew and horseradish dumplings

Stew from the freezer

Saturday Family mealtime Make your own pork pibil burritos



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