Core skills: Breadcrumbs

Making breadcrumbs. Sounds so simple. It is! But, here’s a way to make them last longer and save you some freezer space.
If you throw away the last bits of bread that are going stale or the crusts that nobody wants to eat. You shouldn’t! Save them up in a bag in the freezer and when you have a fair sized stash or need the freezer space back, make a load of dried breadcrumbs to store in an airtight jar. They last for months and you’ll always have them on hand for those moments when you want to make meat or meat-free balls, top some fish, make home made chicken dippers or whatever recipe calls for breadcrumbs.
Blitz in the food processor, pour onto baking trays, stick them in the oven at 120c for a couple of hours until they’re dried out, cool and transfer to an airtight jar.

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