Core skills: Easy pizza and pasta sauce

Promise you won’t laugh? I had a go at a video, and the performance definitely needs some polishing, but I’m hoping you’ll find it useful…and that I’ll get better at it! Turns out preparing for and making videos isn’t that easy, especially when you’re trying to feed your family in the process. There’s no sound on this occasion because I thought you’d prefer not to hear my two hungry children screaming and shouting in the background.
Anyway, here’s a short video showing you a quick and easy way to make a tomato sauce you can use for pizza and pasta.
For pizza, spread it on your base as it is. For pasta, cook it in a pan for a few minutes to heat through. Leave it plain or add sausage, bacon, mushrooms, peas or other vegetables. Made the sauce for pizza? Freeze what’s left for another pizza session.

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