Parenting is hard and it’s OK to ask for help

Julie Cresswell
Parenting can be tough and sometimes we can feel like we are far from the parent we would like to be. 
We may start off parenthood calm and with bags of patience, then everyday challenges, a second baby, juggling work and home life, behavioural issues, family conflict, hormones and more can set us off balance. 
Taking time to pause, step back and find new ways to achieve the family dynamics you’d like is helpful but can be difficult. 
Sometimes it’s hard to do this by ourselves and it is OK to ask for help. This is where Julie of Optimum Parent and Family comes in. She offers some amazing support on her social media as well as a programme of short courses and coaching. 
I’m looking forward to welcoming her into my Stress-free family mealtimes Facebook group soon.

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