The benefits of eating as a family

Only around 50% of meals are eaten as a family.
There is much more to eating than just the food. Family mealtimes are important for connecting after a busy day or week and can be a way of spending quality time together.
And whilst, family mealtimes, especially during the week can be a challenge or simply impossible, the benefits of trying to make them happen (at breakfast, lunch or dinner – whenever works for you) at least a few times a week make it worthwhile.
Researchers have found that families who share meals together on a regular basis have children who:
  • Eat more healthily and have less fussy tendencies
  • Perform better academically
  • Have better relationships with their parents/siblings and a sense of belonging
  • Are less likely to be overweight and are able to make the right food choices when they’re older
  • Have higher self-esteem and fewer psychological problems
  • Have lower tendencies to participate in high risk behaviours (e.g. drugs, alcohol, violence).

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