Cook book review: The Kitchen Revolution

How would you like to have your evening meals for the YEAR planned, recipes to hand and shopping lists sorted? It’s not a service I offer…yet! But you can have all of that, right now, in cook book form!

The Kitchen Revolution* provides week-by-week menus for the whole year, organised with weekly shopping lists (also available to download) and all the recipes you’ll need. Not only that, but the authors have thought about how to make your life even easier, saving you time in the kitchen and money on your shopping.

Each week, you’ll cook a big meal from scratch, the leftover ingredients from which will provide you with the makings of another two meals. You’ll also make a quick and easy seasonal supper and a meal predominantly using store cupboard ingredients as well as batch prepare a dish. You even get a night off, where the only effort involved is to defrost and re-heat a meal from the freezer.

Most recipes (which serve four people, with the exception of the batch cook which serves eight so that you have enough to freeze) are easy and can be made in around thirty minutes. It’s recommended you tackle the big meal from scratch at the weekend, or whenever you have a bit more time to cook.

If you’re stuck in a rut, eating the same meals week in week out, prepare to have your dinners revolutionised. The only time you’ll be eating the same meal twice is when you grab one of your home-made ready meals from the freezer! There’s a range of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes each week including old favourites such as roasts, toad in the hole, risotto, burgers and pasta dishes along with fish bakes, interesting salads, soups, curries and stews, tarts and Oriental dishes.

There’s information on what to have in the store cupboard as well as seasonal ingredients, timings for preparation and notes for any tasks you need to do in advance, help with storing, defrosting and re-heating meals and recipes for seasonal puddings each month.

So, if you’re wanting to take on board all the tips and tricks that I’ve been sharing in my posts to curb your shopping habits, reduce your food waste and save time in the kitchen, but are struggling to go it alone (and haven’t yet got around to attending one of my courses or workshops), why not give this book a try?!

*If you’re looking on Amazon, this book is currently only available to buy second hand, at bargain prices to boot given that it is a hefty tome.

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