Join the food waste technology revolution

We live in a world dominated by technology. This has its many pitfalls, but technology can also be extremely useful for spreading the word, sharing information and even for reducing food waste.

Food waste is one of the biggest issues we face. Planning meals, finding ways to use up all your ingredients, storing food properly, making use of the freezer and thinking about how much you need to buy are some of the ways you can reduce how much food goes in the bin. But what about a just opened jar of something you bought, tried and didn’t like, a glut of produce from your garden or cakes left over from a party?

Joining a scheme such as Olio, for which there is a website and a really easy to use app, offers neighbours and small local businesses a way to connect and share unwanted food (and non-food) items that would otherwise go to waste. Simply list your item with a photo and description as well as when and where the item is available for pick-up to allow someone to come and collect it. Or, browse the listings near you, request anything you need or want and arrange to go and pick it up. Join and see what’s available near you. Right now, just around the corner from my house, I could pick up a box of barely used tea bags, a jar of nut butter and a whole pack of rice.

Another app that connects local businesses to customers is Too good to go. Surplus food is inevitable for food businesses, but the waste of this food is avoidable. Businesses can list food available at the end of a buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner service, for example, for customers to buy at a discounted price, through the app. Customers who can be in the right place at the right time will be able to grab a bargain, businesses can win new business and food waste is reduced.

Small and simple changes can, collectively, make a big difference. Let’s all play our part as individuals as well as work together to make change happen.

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