My week in meals – w/c 13/01/19

I normally aim to include one batch cook in my meal plans so that I can keep something in the freezer for a busy evening or for when plans change but this week I managed four batch cooks to restock my depleted supplies.

Day Notes Meal
Sunday Family mealtime

Batch cook

Pork pibil tacos



Monday Veggie night Cauliflower, carrot and chickpea pilaf



Tuesday Batch cook Chilli bean pork noodles


Wednesday Fish night Spiced prawn and rice soup

Based on a Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients recipe

Thursday Veggie night

Batch cook

Gnocchi with veggie Bolognese
Friday Batch cook Turkey and lentil madras with rice
Saturday Family mealtime

Family visitors

Build your own burger, salad and oven chips

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