My kitchen top 10

I cook a lot, it’s my number one hobby, my creative outlet and my favourite form of stress-relief. It stands to reason that I have a huge amount of kitchen equipment but is it all essential? No, is the short answer! So much of it stays in the drawer or cupboard untouched for months.

What then, are my top 10 kitchen items, the things (crockery and cutlery excluded) that I really couldn’t live (or cook) without?

  1. A good large sharp knife
  2. A chopping board
  3. Box grater
  4. Small spatula
  5. Large mixing bowl
  6. Large frying pan with a lid
  7. Large saucepan with a lid
  8. Roasting tin
  9. Measuring jug
  10. Bread machine

What? A bread machine? Yes, I know this might be an unusual choice, but I buy very little in the way of bread. Instead I go for good quality bread flour and the machine is on several times a week (I don’t have time to make it by hand but, with the machine, two minutes of measuring and pressing some buttons and its job done). It works out a lot cheaper, the bread is delicious and I know exactly what has gone into it. I’ve had my Panasonic bread machine since the end of 2003 and it is still going strong. I should put it number one in the list really!

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