UK households waste 4.5m tonnes of food each year, worth £14 billion and equating to £700 a year for an average family with children. Even more food is wasted during production, distribution and at the supermarkets.

Let’s look at some more shocking statistics:

  • 4 million apples go to waste each day
  • 9 million eggs are discarded every day
  • 970,000 onions are wasted daily.

But, beyond these statistics, how much time and energy do you put into thinking about, shopping for, preparing and serving meals? Would you like it to be quicker and easier?

I will work with you to reduce your food waste, save money on your food bills, be more efficient in the kitchen and make the most of the ingredients you buy. 

One of the ways to achieve this is to meal plan (though I have lots of tips, tricks and titbits up my sleeve to share with you). I must have heard every excuse under the sun as to why people don’t do it and yet, the benefits far out weight all of those excuses. In fact, one lady who attended one of my Christmas meal planning workshops saved a whopping £300 on her food bill over the Christmas period compared to the previous year. What could you do with that sort of saving?

My ‘Making food (and your money) go further’ courses explore:  

  • How to meal plan
  • Tips for better weekly meal planning
  • Getting organised to make meal planning quicker
  • Shopping more efficiently
  • Making the most of the ingredients you buy
  • Dealing with leftovers and reducing food waste
  • Stocking up
  • Where to look for meal inspiration and recipe ideas.

Here’s how you can work with me:

Online course

This is an off-the-shelf course that you access online and will take around an hour to complete, depending on how fast you work and how involved you get in the activities. You have access to the course for twelve months so you can dip in and out of the course to complete it when convenient or refer back to it when you need a refresher. You can also download and keep the accompanying course resource sheets.

You can also buy the course and gift access to someone else.

Option one: £40 – online course only

Option two: £120 – online course plus ongoing support for twelve months

  • Monthly email with meal planning tips and tricks and different techniques to try
  • Help to achieve your food budget and waste reduction goals
  • Up to one hour per month support – let me know what help you need or just chat about all things food
  • Designed to keep you motivated, help with meal ideas and recipe inspiration, support and advice on your meal plans.

Small group workshops

Workshops are held at my house in Bristol and run for 2 hours, usually including a light meal.

Unfortunately, all face-to-face workshops are currently on hold due to the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions. New dates will be scheduled once it is safe to host group meetings again.

One-to-one courses

A one-to-one course with me is truly bespoke to you and your family’s needs and situation. We can work in person at your house, at a time that suits you or via video call.

The additional benefit of my one-to-one courses is that we can take a deep dive into your kitchen and dining room, assessing how your kitchen organisation can work harder for you and how you can tailor your meal planning around your daily routines. I’ll show you how to develop healthier, happier and stress-free mealtime routines.

Cost: £185

Please get in touch to let me know how you’d like me to help and we’ll take it from there.

Meal planning power hour

A one-hour session to get you off to a flying start with your meal planning. We can work in person at your house, at a time that suits you or via video call.

Cost: £95

Contact me to arrange a session.

Just need a nudge in the right direction?

If all you need are a few tips and tricks to help get you started with meal planning or reducing your food waste, my masterclass videos and PDF downloads are just the ticket. 

Meal plans done for you

If you prefer to have the work done for you, take a look at my ready-made meal plans.

Huge thanks to Sarah for teaching me how to meal plan.

It has given me much needed structure, enabling me to shop for groceries just once a week.

Definitely something I’ll continue to do as it’s saving me heaps of time!Angela

“The ‘Making food (and your money) go further’ online course has rescued me from spending too much on my weekly shop and having no motivation in the kitchen.

I now meal plan (something which I never did before). I am shopping more efficiently, and my cupboards have never been more organised.

Thank you so much to Sarah for giving me the skills and confidence I was lacking before.” Sharon

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