Here’s what people have to say about my networking brunches.

“Attended a really great morning with Sarah where, in delightful company, we learned many useful tips and wheezes for planning and making easy, delicious meals, while eating three gorgeous examples of Sarah’s clever cooking. Great value and highly recommended.


“I booked a brunch experience with Sarah a few months ago and have been looking forward to it ever since. Today was the day & it did not disappoint! What an incredibly delicious morning we all had!

A very warm friendly fun, educational, useful and very very yummy experience. I’ve lots of ideas on how to cook more efficiently and will definitely recommend Sarah and her courses to friends.”


“If you haven’t been to one of her events, I thoroughly recommend going.

As well as amazing restaurant quality food, Sarah shared so much invaluable knowledge and tips on storing food, avoiding food waste and, not least, her secret on how to make and store the best breadcrumbs.”


“I had five wow moments, there were loads of golden nuggets and top tips I can take away and implement at home.

The food was amazing, I felt like a celebrity chef had invited me to dinner.

The ‘Making food go further’ brunch was good fun, informal networking with private dining.”


“Thank you so much for this morning. Your food was amazing. I have already put some of your suggestions into implementation. My fridge is more organised and I am currently batch cooking.”

“I went to an enjoyable and sociable brunch event Sarah organised that was not just wonderful food but a load of useful tips and recipes. The tips were all about how to save money by not wasting food you have already bought. These ranged from how to store salad leaves so they don’t wilt, to how to use leftovers in creative and tasty way. And did I mention the food? Three courses, each more inventive and delicious than the one before. It really made me think and I’m going to be a lot more careful and inventive from now on.”