Here’s what people have to say about my Making food (and your money) go further courses.

I couldn’t have seen Sarah’s advert at a better time. I was doing everything she described; shopping last minute, spending too much on multiple shops, buying takeaways and I had lost all interest in cooking. I wanted to take control of my family’s eating but had no idea where to start. I’m so pleased Sarah was able to come to my rescue.”


“Following Sarah’s advice, I was able to stick to doing just my weekly shop and I started using up the food we already had.

I managed to save money on my weekly shop within just a few weeks. Holiday, here we come!”


“The ‘Making food (and your money) go further’ online course has rescued me from spending too much on my weekly shop and having no motivation in the kitchen.

I now meal plan (something which I never did before). I am shopping more efficiently, and my cupboards have never been more organised.

Thank you so much to Sarah for giving me the skills and confidence I was lacking before.”


“The Making food (and your money) go further online course is a Godsend.

Cooking for one has its problems but now I can plan ahead and use up leftovers.

Using the meal planner is definitely something I can stick with.”


Sarah was super helpful and understanding in our one on one session.

She is really passionate about her work and was able to enthuse me and inspire me to try new ideas.”