“Sarah’s suggested meal plans were so helpful, especially the links to the online recipes she provided. It made it so easy to see how and when I can prepare extra for the freezer or for lunches, how we can use the same ingredients to prepare something the children will enjoy and something a bit more ‘grown up’ for us, and I had never thought about putting a tray bake in the oven to cook, ready for me to eat once the children were in bed. The days when I come home late from work and just eat toast are behind me!”

Kate’s challenges

Kate had very good intentions, she knew that she needed to get organised to help feed her family more varied and healthier meals but just didn’t know where to start or how to tackle this by herself. Kate was also appalled at how much food went to waste in her house. With her and her husband working long hours several times a week, some things they planned to cook just didn’t get made as they were too exhausted once the time came so the ingredients went to waste.

How we overcame them

I taught Kate how to meal plan, and, knowing the kinds of foods the family enjoys, I was able to put together some suggested meal plans to get her started. These included separate dinners for the children and adults on those nights where they work late, some family-friendly ideas for making use of the slow cooker for days when Kate is at home with her youngest, some batch cooks to fill up the freezer, meals she can make with the children after school, tray bakes which can be prepared in just a few minutes and left to cook in the oven whilst she puts the children to bed as well as some family-style meals for them to enjoy together at the weekends.

We also talked about how she can store food better to reduce the food waste and use up the ingredients she has bought in creative ways, how she can make life easier by building up her store cupboard and putting her freezer to work as well as how she can streamline her online shops and save money.

Next step

Kate’s booked in for a review session to see how she is getting on with her meal planning, to help iron out any issues and to keep her motivated. We’ll also be able to see whether she’s making good progress towards her target reduction on her weekly shop.

Kate’s also planning to book in a group cooking session with some of her friends to get some inspiration and help with cooking for children.