“Sarah taught me that food planning is like a game of chess – always be thinking a few moves ahead. Have a strategy and you’re onto a winner.”

Jenny’s challenges

Jenny came to me because she was struggling to find the time to cook during the week and was feeling like she was stuck in a rut eating the same things night after night, mostly based around pasta. She was also spending far too much time in the supermarket, doing her weekly shop and then popping in on the way home most nights because she didn’t have the ingredients for the meal she wanted to cook. Sound familiar?!

How we overcame them

Jenny has since started planning the meals she’s going to have and only shopping once a week. With the help of some new meal ideas and places to look for inspiration, she’s now eating a wider variety of meals, including more interesting lunches at work.

Next step

Jenny would like help to make better use of the space in her tiny kitchen so that she is able to build up a well-thought out supply of staples and hopefully reduce her shopping trips to fortnightly.