Here’s what people have to say about my stress-free family mealtime workshops.

“Having a picky eater, I found this workshop very useful.

I will definitely be putting into practice what I learned. I feel like there is now a light at the end of the tunnel.

It was very good value for money, I am pleased to have attended it and would recommend it to others.


“Today was SO informative, fun and helpful. I definitely came away with a renewed hope for family mealtimes and plenty of practical tips and tools to make dinner times calmer and maybe even enjoyable. I can report that after we ate together this evening applying the things I’d learnt, my middle child (5) said ‘this is my best dinner ever’ which made me really happy (even if all he ate was some bread, some peas and some carrot sticks)…work in progress. It really made my heart soar to hear him say that. Normally I would have come away cross that I didn’t get any protein in him, but I know I can do that with cheese and eggs tomorrow and felt so much more relaxed.


“I feel confident that I can put into practice what I learned. I have picked up tips and have already used a couple of them. I like the games we were told about and also the ways of presenting the food in different shapes/raw and cooked etc. I think I’ve also been reinjected with enthusiasm for sharing food with my little boy, which is lovely!


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Sarah was very welcoming and inspirational. The information was clearly explained but in a fun way and the food we were given to eat was delicious! I came away from the evening feeling more positive and would recommend this course to anyone struggling with their children at mealtimes.


“A fun and informative evening with Sarah. She offered clear practical advice which I can easily take on board to improve all aspects of family eating. Lots of fun ideas and little tips. I feel inspired and no longer stuck in a rut!”

“I attended the workshop to find ways of having family meal times which all of us can enjoy and I found the information on how to present food to children on the table useful for this. I can definitely put into practice what I learned; not on a daily basis but I’m trying my best!”