Here’s what people have to say about The Parrots Eat ’em All and some of the recipes.

If you’re interested in healing your body from the inside out or would be curious to learn more, this book is a must!


“I sent this book to my mum and she is addicted. It is so simple to follow, really easy to understand and she loves the section at the back that tells her what food items are good for what.


The whole family loved the berry crumble recipe, and it was easy to adapt to dietary intolerances. It made enough for us to have pudding two days in a row.


I had the tea after the birth of my baby. It’s a comforting tea and at a time when I needed a boost, it was perfect.”


“The recipe was easy to follow, quick to make and tasted delicious. Leftovers the next day were an added lunchtime bonus!”


What I love about this salad is the variety of textures. Lunch with crunch is more satisfying and encourages us to take our time, which supports a healthy digestive system.”


“What a scrumptious yet healthy breakfast. Who needs cereal when a cooked breakfast is this easy?”


“I love this recipe. It’s so simple and quick to make as well as really delicious. A great healthy snack.”