Recipe of the week: Crunchy spiced chickpeas and lentils

Crunchy spiced chickpeas

Introducing children to pulses, in a form other than baked beans, can be tricky. Whilst both of my children will eat lentils in some dishes, neither will touch chickpeas as part of a meal if left whole. 

Except, that is, when they’re crunchy spiced chickpeas. Then they’ll devour a tin between them! 

Great as a snack or to put on the table to sprinkle over whatever you’re having to add some crunch. 

So, if your little one likes crunchy textures then why not give these a go? You could even mix them with popcorn, toasted seeds (and/or nuts, if appropriate) and dried fruits to create a homemade trail mix. 

Please take care as these can be a choking hazard. 

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