My star ingredient: Frozen berries

Frozen berries are one of my star ingredients and there’s always a stash in my freezer. They’ve got loads going for them.

  • Berries are picked when fresh, in season and at their best before being frozen so they’re full of flavour and a joy to eat all year round
  • Frozen berries hold their nutritional value
  • Frozen berries, particularly when the fruit is out of season, are substantially cheaper than fresh
  • Frozen berries can be eaten straight from the freezer or defrosted or cooked
  • They’re handy to have in the freezer for puddings, breakfasts, smoothies, baking and snacks
  • Frozen berries, when eaten frozen, are a brilliant way to entice fussy eater fruit refusers to explore fruit since they have a dulled flavour and consistent texture.
Go now and add frozen berries to your shopping list!

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