Snack ideas for children

Child: “Mum, can I have a snack, please?”

Mum: Gulp!

30 minutes later

Child: “Mum, I’m hungry!”

Mum: Scratches head again for ideas of what to feed child.

With young children, especially, it can feel like you’re on a constant run of food prep. It’s good to have some quick and easy ideas to hand to avoid offering the same piece of fruit all the time or spending a fortune on packaged snacks.

And, well chosen snacks offered as part of a routine, will help reduce how often you’re being pestered, since your child’s hunger will be better managed.

I’ve pulled together lots of ideas and recipes for even the fussiest and hungriest of eaters. From quick wins to batch cooks to save you time.

Download my snack ideas for children.

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