Tip: Tidy Tupperware

Take a peek into my container cupboard!

Containers of different sizes are an essential bit of kitchen kit. They’re ideal for keeping leftovers in the fridge, perfect for storing your batch cooks in the freezer, great for kids snacks on the go as well as packed lunches and a good way to store things like seeds and lentils in the store cupboard once the packets are open.

Bordering on the obsessive, my cupboard (well, it’s just a shelf in a cupboard) is always tidy and well-organised. Why? Because when I need a box, I want to be able to lay my hands on the correct size and a matching lid without fighting with all the containers in the cupboard. So, small boxes and their respective lids are on the left, a random stack of larger boxes next to them, very large ones at the back and the medium sized, most used, boxes on the right with their lids neatly stacked behind them.

It takes a little effort at first to get your cupboard sorted but after that, having tidy Tupperware is just one of many ways you can be organised and save time in the kitchen.

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